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While R and RStudio are extremely powerful, flexible tools, they are only useful if you know how to get started. RfficeHours is a series of short seminars I will be offering in September 2018 to help staff at and nearby Newcastle University learn the basic functionality of R and how to explore further on their own.


We all have busy and variable schedules, particular at the begining of term time. Since we will never find one time that suits everyone, I will offer each seminar three times. Each week will feature three identical seminars. You are invited to attend as many as you’d like or as many as you can fit in. If you come to one and feel that you would benefit from hearing the lesson again (or running through it again with your own data, etc), I invite you to attend twice or more per week!

This will not be the last time I organise RfficeHours, so if you can’t attend any of the seminars this time, you are not out of luck. Hopefully, RfficeHours will become an extension of the Adventures In R workshop(s).


Week beginning 17 September:

  1. File management and datasets
    • Navigating files structures in RStudio
    • Reading and writing files
    • Rmarkdown and literate programming
  • Monday 17 Sept 11:00 in Percy 1.05
  • Tuesday 18 Sept 13:00 in Percy 1.05
  • Wednesday 19 Sept 13:00 in Percy 1.05

Week beginning 24 September:

  1. Intro to Tidyverse
    • Basic data manipulation
    • Summarising a data table
    • Ingredients of a ggplot
  • Monday 24 Sept 11:00 in Percy 1.05
  • Tuesday 25 Sept 13:00 in Percy 1.05
  • Wednesday 26 Sept 13:00 in Percy 1.05

Week beginning 1 October (yes I know this is term-time…):

  1. Exploration and troubleshooting
    • Thinking like a programmer
    • Reading CRAN documentation
    • Intro to GitHub and StackOverflow
  • Monday 1 Oct 11:00 in Percy SRC
  • Tuesday 2 Oct 13:00 in Percy SRC
  • Wednesday 3 Oct 13:00 in Percy 1.05


  • Week 1:
    17, 18, 19 September: Percy 1.05

  • Week 2:
    24, 25, 26 September: Percy 1.05

  • Week 3:
    1, 2, October: Percy SRC 3 October: Percy 1.05