binary branching tree with four leftward branches along a straight spine and a cat head at the top node
This is a Chomskyan cat… egory.

Party Chomsky (and more!)

If you’d like to party hard and sleep furiously, this shirt (or this one) may be for you!

man wearing black t-shirt with 'party chomsky' graphic

My Erdős number

My vanity got the best of me and I calculated my Erdős number: at most 5. I got some help in finding the shortest path, which is as follows:

0. Paul Erdős 1. Johannes H. Hattingh
1. Johannes H. Hattingh  2. Andrew R. Plummer
2. Andrew R. Plummer 3. Benjamin Munson
3. Benjamin Munson 4. Ann R. Bradlow
4. Ann R. Bradlow 5. Lauren M. Ackerman

IPA Keyboard Download

Want a keyboard layout chock full of IPA unicode? Download here!
Here is how to install and use this keyboard as well as alternative typefaces.
(Made with Ukelele.)

108 awesome pick-up lines for linguists

(adapted from the #LinguistPickupLine tag on Twitter)
Download as .pdf or as .txt

Weather blends found in the wild:

  • Snowmageddon
  • Snowpocalypse
  • Tsnownami
  • SnOwMG
  • Snoverload
  • Snowloko
  • Blizzaster
  • Blizzunderstorm
  • Snotorious B.I.G.
  • Snowprah
  • Chilizzard
  • Snowcago
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